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Upcoming Events

ANS UNLV Student Section Meeting
October 14 at noon in SEB 2251

We will be having our next American Nuclear Society Meeting on Friday, October 14th, at noon in SEB 2251. We will talk about some of the past and upcoming events, and eat lunch! There are a lot of events coming up to get excited about. As well as, some new members may be joining us for the first time! Feel free to bring any friends along and as always food and drinks will be provided.

Hope to see you all there!

Past Events

ANS Elections

September 16, 2011


  • Audrey Roman - Radiochemistry Graduate Student


  • Balazs Bene - Radiochemistry Graduate Student


  • Janelle Droessler - Radiochemistry Graduate Student

Board of Governors:

  • Aldo F. Chavira - Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student
  • Maryline Ferrier - Radiochemistry Graduate Student
  • Sherry Faye - Radiochemistry Graduate Student
  • Vanessa Sanders - Radiochemistry Graduate Student

Atomic Cocktail Night

May 13, 2011

About 20 of our members got together to celebrate a successful year. We also enjoyed good company, food and had some atomic themed cocktails with names like Little Boy, Trinitite, Nuclear Sunrise. Some of our members dressed in a fun 50s theme and we even had a real life Robert Oppenheimer. In the 1950s Las Vegas locals would party on their roofs and watch the atomic bombs go off at the then Nevada Test Site which is about 90 miles northwest. The blasts could still be seen clearly from their rooftops.

Spring Boy Scout Nuclear Merit Badge

May 8, 2011

Our second session of the Boy Scout Merit Badge went off without a hitch. We had 40 scouts and many of their parents, some even coming all the way from California and Utah, to attend our all day event. We are proud to say Kris Klug, our long time merit badge coordinator, graduated this year and smoothly coordinated his last event with the local ANS section. There are two sections to our Boy Scout Merit badge. In the morning basic nuclear science, nuclear reactors, medicinal and environmental side of the nuclear field were presented to the scouts and parents. Our ANS members, maned four stations while the scouts rotated through.

Sandwiches, fruit and chips were provided for the scouts while one of our nuclear engineering professors and local ANS member, Steve Curtis, presented on the events of Fukushima accident. There were many questions from the scouts and parents. Many of the parents expressed a great appreciation for the presentation since it cleared up a lot of questions that weren't answered by the news.

In the afternoon, some of our ANS members gave tours of our radiochemistry labs where the scouts were able to go into the labs and see our instruments and work areas as well as hear about the research that we perform. Demonstrations of cloud chambers and simple radiation detection systems were also shown.

If you are interested in getting involved by volunteering or bringing in your boy scout troop or have any questions you can contact us at There is also more information on our merit badge page. We hope to see you at our next Boy Scout Merit Badge workshop this coming Fall!

2011 ANS Student Conference

April 14-17 in Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech put on an excellent record breaking conference. Our school alone had 8 students attend and present their research. The three day conference, was full of unforgettable events. From networking with many companies at the career fair to eating dinner at the Atlanta Aquarium there was something for everyone. The conference was a perfect mix of professional and fun.

Overall, the conference was quite a success; not only for Georgia Tech but also for our student section. We had one of our students, Eric Johnson, win a cash prize and a free trip to Idaho National Laboratory to present his research for those who were nominated as best presentation. As well as having our student section being picked to host the next years student conference in Las Vegas. We are very excited to have the opportunity to show a Vegas style conference.

Fukushima Panel Discussion

March 21,2011 Marjorie Barrick Museum Auditorium

Shortly after the Fukushima earthquake, a lot of the local residents had concerns about the released radiation making it to Las Vegas. There were also a lot of people with unanswered questions. To address this, the UNLV Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies hosted and publicized an educational event to explain what happened and the implications that may follow. Dr. Oliver Hemmers, the executive director of the Harry Reid Center lead the panel by making introductory comments and introduced the moderator Mr. Paul Seidler. Dr. Ken Czerwinski a Radiochemistry professor discussed the processes for reducing the hazardous conditions. Dr. Steven Curtis, a certified health physicist, provided details on releases at Fukushima and their subsequent health effects. Dr. David Stahl, the associate executive director of HRC, explained how nuclear power plants operate. Dr. Dennis Beller, a nuclear engineer professor, discussed the differences between Japan’s reactor design and the US’s.

The Harry Reid Center Auditorium was packed, people from the school and general public showed up, as well as a few news stations. After presenting about an hours worth of data, the floor was opened up to the audience’s questions. The panel was very informative and beneficial for all who attended and watched. Near the end it was announced that air sampling results taken shortly after the nuclear power plant crisis would be put on our ANS student section’s website for the public to see. As well, as simple explanations of what the data means.

NASCAR Fundraiser

March 4-6, 2011

To raise money for our student section meetings and socials we joined Zeta Phi Beta Sorority at NASCAR. We had a booth selling food and drinks Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the entire event. The days were long and busy but people were more than enjoyable and entertaining.

Middle and High School Science Bowl

Feb. 5, Feb. 26, 2011 (respectively)

Nevada Regional Science Bowl brought schools together from throughout the state for both Middle and High Schools. The teams competed by trying to answer the most questions correctly with in two nine minute sessions. The team with the highest points advances onto the next round. Not only do these competitions highlight their general science knowledge but also their lightning fast memory and reflexes as often time the students were trying to answer the question first

There are many different volunteer opportunities at the science bowl such as: speaker, rules judge, timekeeper, scorekeeper and room monitor. A few of our ANS members volunteered and both the Middle and High School Science Bowl. The events start early in the morning at 6:30 and we sign in and are given our science bowl swag (t-shirt, bag, calendar, pencils, and some snacks). We helped set up all the rooms for and went over rules and regulations until the competition began. Each lunch had speakers discussing and influencing the future of science.

The High School Science bowl finalists were televised and the winners of both Middle and High School were given checks. These winners are then invited to the national science bowl which is held in Washington, DC on April 28 - May 3. It was very rewarding to see such hard work and dedication from the students. We wish our Regional Winners, Coronado High School and Hyde Park Middle School, the best of luck at Nationals!

UNLV Involvement Fair

February 1-2, 2011

For the UNLVs student organization Involvement Fair, the ANS student section held a booth which was filled full of goodies, fact sheets, pamphlets, some great examples of commonly found radioactivity (radium watch dials, uranium ceramics, and thorium lantern mantels), and even brought a geiger counter to prove their activity. Throughout both days we talked to many students about our interests and goals as a student organization. It was a great experience to meet and talk with people who had interests from other fields such as polysci, liberal arts, and hotel management.

National Nuclear Science Week

January 24-28, 2011

NNSW Jeopardy The UNLV sections of ANS and HPS hosted a week of events to celebrate National Nuclear Science Week. The purpose of the week was to spread nuclear knowledge to the general public as well as bring all areas of nuclear science together.

Mondays theme was Getting to Know Nuclear. A rousing game of Jeopardy was played in hopes of introducing the audience to various facts about nuclear science. Three students participated in the game including Corey Keith (Health Physics), Suyog Chhetri (Health Physics), and Janelle Droessler (Radiochemistry). After a very close game, the winner came down to the Final Jeopardy question where Janelle Droessler risked it all to win the game and a $30 gift card to Smiths Grocery.

Tuesdays theme Careers in Nuclear included a panel of various professionals in nuclear science that were able to answer questions about securing a career in nuclear. The panelists included Dr. Ken Czerwinski (Professor of Radiochemistry), Dr. Phil Patton (Professor of Health Physics), Dr. William Culbreth (Professor of Nuclear Engineering), and Dr. Gordon Jarvinen (Associate Director of the Glenn Seaborg Institute for Transactinium Science at Los Alamos National Laboratory).

ANS, HPS, ASME, AACE Winter Dinner

December 3, 2010

The UNLV student sections of ANS and HPS were invited to the annual Winter Dinner of the local sections of the American Nuclear Society, Health Physics Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering. The dinner was hosted at The Cellar Lounge.

John Slitz, the featured speaker, a seriel entrepreneur and established high-tech executive discussed transforming an idea into a business. Mr. Slitz drew from his experiences in starting four companies as a Venture Capitalist and buying them as a senior executive at both Novell and IBM. He also covered the issues of organization, team building, managing the unmanageable and presenting ideas to investors.

Nine American Nuclear Society students attended the dinner. After great socializing, a good dinner, and an entertaining presentation we were lucky enough to take almost half of the raffle prizes! Overall, the dinner was very enjoyable and a great success. We went away with much more than just prizes and we all look forward to next years dinner.

Boy Scout Merit Badge

November 20, 2010

Read more Another successful Boy Scout Nuclear Science Merit Badge was hosted at the Atomic Testing Museum and the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies. It was an all day event attended by approximately 40 boy scouts. The morning was spent at the Atomic Testing Museum where the boy scouts got to learn about the nuclear science industry. The afternoon was spent at the Harry Reid Center and included tours of the radiochemistry labs, a cloud chamber station and a station on nuclear forensics.

2010 Winter ANS National Meeting

November 7-11, 2010

UNLV lab tour The 2010 Winter ANS National Meeting was held here in Las Vegas. This allowed the option for many of the student section members to attend the technical sessions and meet many other ANS students and professionals. At the student poster session, seven posters presented and member Sherry Faye won an award for her poster presentation. In the technical sessions, four oral presentations were given.

Tours of our UNLV radiochemistry and engineering labs were given to interested meeting attendees. The tours were arranged and guided by the students in the ANS student section. A free BBQ was provided for all those that came. After touring UNLV, the groups also went to Varian to tour the inspection systems facilities. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to show off not only our facilities here but our great students and their research.

On Nov. 9th Dr. Beller received a prestigious award from the American Nuclear Society at the Honors and Awards Luncheon during the Winter ANS Meeting at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The Landis Public Communication and Education Award was given for a couple of decades of innovative education, communications, and outreach activities, including his Jan 2000 Foreign Affairs essay, speaking engagements in the U.S. Capitol Building, nuclear advocacy during debates on PBS, NPR, at the Wallace Stegner Law Center at the University of Utah; activities on Capitol Hill; with Paul Newman and his racing teams, Sen. Craig and Congressman Simpson in Idaho, Sen. Pete Dominici in Las Vegas, Ike's granddaughter Susan Eisenhower, and much more.

ANS Movie Night

October 8, 2010

ANS Movie Night Our first movie night of the year was hosted at one of the graduate students houses.

We watched The Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie.

Candy, snacks, and drinks were provided for all to enjoy.

ANS Elections

September 17, 2010


  • Audrey Roman - Radiochemistry Graduate Student


  • Vanessa Sanders - Radiochemistry Graduate Student


  • Balazs Bene - Radiochemistry Graduate Student

Board of Governors:

  • Sherry Faye - Radiochemistry Graduate Student
  • Robert Obrien - Nuclear Engineering Graduate Student
  • Amber Wright - Radiochemistry Graduate Student
  • Mabya Nyannor - Health Physics Undergraduate Student

2010 ANS National Meeting

June 2010, San Diego

ANS student section members made a trip to San Diego for the ANS national meeting in June. Two student presentations were given at the meeting. Member Jamie Warburton was the recipient of the PWANS (Professional Women in the American Nuclear Society) travel grant to attend the meeting.

2010 ANS Student Conference

April 2010, Michigan

Our members at the 2010 ANS Student Conference The 2010 ANS Student Conference was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan April 14-17. Four members from the section gave oral presentations. Some of the activities included a fun run through the university, tours to the Cook Power Plant and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, and the awards banquet upon the Detroit Princess Riverboat.

2010 RPSD Topical Meeting

April 2010, Palace Station, Las Vegas

The radiation protection and shielding division (RPSD) topical meeting was held at Palace Station in Las Vegas. Two student section members served on the planning committee which involved everything from participating in site visits, sitting in meetings with Palace Station meeting staff, and assisting with day-to-day functions.

More than 20 student volunteers from the student section signed up to help with various aspects of the meeting in return for free meeting registration. The student section also hosted a student mixer for students attending from other universities.

ANS UNLV Student Chapter