Nuclear Science Boy Scout Merit Badge

Next workshop: November 12th, 2011 at UNLV

Our Workshop in a Nutshell

Cloud Chambers and Detectors Station The Boy Scouts Merit Badge Workshop is hosted twice a year at the Atomic Testing Museum by our ANS student section, the UNLV radiochemistry graduate students, and a nuclear engineering professor. This is an all day workshop which starts with 4 lectures in the morning to present and broaden the boy scouts general nuclear science knowledge. After the lunch break they get to take tours of the radiochemistry labs and get to see demonstrations of three topics. To end the day the boys are given a brief exam to see how much they have learned.

On average, both workshops have about 40 Boy Scouts in attendance. Often parents and family members come along with them to learn. We have heard great reviews from parents and the general public about this workshop. Many of us look forward to the workshop and help throughout the day.


Scouts arrive at the Atomic Testing Museum around 7:30 in the morning. After registration and an introductory talk, they break into four groups to rotate through three stations (Scientists and Terms; Background Radiation, Radon and Radiobiology; Nuclear Models and Reactions) and the museum between 8:30AM and 11:30AM. Spending about 45 minutes at each station.

Lunch is served at the museum and then the scouts are transported to the Harry Reid Center for the afternoon.

Between 12:30PM and 3PM the scouts visit three stations: Spectroscopy and Forensics CSI, Cloud Chambers and Detectors and Nuclides and Their Uses, which includes a tour of the radiochemistry labs. After completing all the stations in the afternoon, the scouts take an exam, and swap and grade them.

The day ends around 4PM with an exit survey.

Scouts in the Atomic Testing Museum

Nuclear Science Merit Badge